Not everyone knows the intricacies involved in constructing buildings or residential places. There are several key persons involved in completing one project and each of these key persons play their role into making sure that the responsibilities they were entrusted are fully executed. If not, you have witnessed its results already – areas of buildings suddenly collapsing, poor quality materials and so many other casualties. One of the key persons involved in seeing the completion of building projects is the building surveryor. They are responsible for giving professional advise on construction and property. They do not only limit to commercial buildings but also on residential properties, agricultural projects, leisure and industrial ones.

 Building Surveyor

They typically work on the development and design of new buildings. They are also involved in the maintenance and restoration of the existing buildings, too. Building surveyors have a wide range of responsibilities in the building construction industry, which will also include advising on different aspects of the buildings at its various stages. Its work nature may be involved with various range of the design of multi-million pound infrastructures to even the most modest repairs and adaptations. They will also oftentimes include working with buildings that have historic or architectural importance. They also often work with preventative measures in keeping both the old and new buildings in tip top condition. They are also responsible in keeping the buildings sustainable and find new ways to make them sturdier against natural calamities. They can also be summoned to court in order to give evidence in various cases in which they are involved in it.

What other things they can do can be involved with building legislations, construction standards and technical codes. The job of being a building surveyor is so high in demand by their other associated professions such as the Town planners and duplex builders Melbourne, engineers and architects. They work together in order to foresee the completion of the project has no glitches. They are also summoned upon design teams and sit in with their meetings in order to provide the knowledge and expertise they have accumulated over the years they have been working in the industry. They are knowledgeable about different building codes and international construction standards. They are also knowledgeable about town planning issues in selected states, thus giving them the ability to certify the subdivisions and even issue town planning certificates. Other disciplines that they may have include construction law, dispute resolution, fire safety engineering, disabled access, private certification, building materials science, maintenance of essential services, forensic inspection and many more.


Overall, the main job of the building surveyor is to see to it that every building is safe, whether they were recently a project they were involved with or an old building that needs updates and reforrtifications. They go over the design, functionality and planning of the buildings in order to see to it that it has followed the standard codes they know about. They also identify and diagnose problems in regards to the design issues, construction materials and techniques and also manage the process of inspection from the foundation of the building up to its completion. This is how complex a job of a building surveyor can be.