We love marmalade. At any form, this tastes good. Onion marmalade could be new to you but this tastes really terrific. Surely you won’t eat a bear onion especially if you are not used to it. The moment you have heard about onion marmalade, we know that some were puzzled on how this could become one of the sought out dishes as their appetizers in some restaurants and even sold in bottles by online sellers. You can check on like the kind of onions you prefer. There are different kinds of onions. There is red and white onion marmalade. Both of them taste great but there are some people who are very certain because red onions smell stronger than the white onion.

Onion marmalade Australia  is made up of olive oil, onion, balsamic vinegar for sourly taste, brown sugar and salt. This taste a bit of spicy, but there is a pinch mixture taste of sweet and sour which is perfect for an appetizer before munching into the main meal. Onions underwent sauté for them to look translucent. This will take about 8-10 minute and continue mixing it though on pan so that it won’t be overcook and taste bitter then. You can add garlic if you wish, then add more minute for the garlic to change it colors into golden brown. This could take around 1 -2 minutes of continue mixing in sauté pan. Balsamic vinegar, sugar and salt were added thereafter and letting it simmer. You can taste it so that you can check if the taste is right. When the onion becomes glossy and liquids were absorbed, let it cool.

sweet and sour

Placing it on a refrigerator help onion marmalade allowed the taste to become intensified. This is great when you serve it cold. There are so many people who are fond of serving onion marmalade every time they eat their meal. You can place your order online for some online stores who are serving their own onion marmalade recipes which you could bring anywhere you are. It is bottled and sealed properly so that you won’t be receiving a messy package upon delivery. This condiment is one of the best because of its simple twist on its taste absorbed by caramelized onions. We know it takes time to caramelize an onion but a bottle of this condiment would be a great treat for you and your family to share with. Have a look at hanks chutneys to know more.

Onion marmalade is a great appetizer. When you are too conscious with your diet, try only a pinch of it since it draws you to crave more rice. You should also keep your bottled marmalade in the refrigerator so you can always serve it on its best taste. It does not serve only in a meal, but this is also good to serve with salads. As it kept for several weeks in a cool and dry place, you can be assured that you can have the best of it every time you crave. The process of creating this winning appetizer is all the same, however, some food producers made sure that they excel from the others because they did something distinctive to make the taste more delightful.