Music is never ending, it can be done by a soloist, by duet, trio, quartet, chorus and even orchestra. Music has the unlimited and almost infinite melodies that will touch and change the lives of people for over the centuries. Now, you will know more about the orchestra in Cuba and know why the country is so renowned when it comes to its music and musicians themselves. Discover how the country celebrates music and performed by the country’s most talented group of musicians in famous Cuban music tours.


The country has its very own pride of orchestral group which is the National symphony orchestra. They performed in more than twenty cities in the country after the US tour in the year 2012. Another is the Orchestra Baobab, which is the band that consists of the Pachanga, Son, Senegalese, and Afro- Cuban musicians.

The said band started in the year 1970, which was a multi-ethnic at the start,  a band that is consistedof multi-national members. The Orchestra Baobao even influenced the modern orchestral performance in the country up to now. You may even hear their music performed and patronized by the present orchestral bands nowadays in the country.

The National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba was then founded in the year 1959, then first performed in the year 1960 held in the Teatro Auditorium de La Habana during that time. This orchestra made themselves into music productions and held various events in the country.

These are the reasons why the country of Cuba has so much to offer when it comes to musical varieties. The country has the unlimited music genre performers to offer you. This even holds international events for music festivals that are visited by the various artists all over the world. Spend your night in this beautiful city as you sway your body to the groove and beast to make the night worthy to be cherished.

There are so many varieties of music such as the Havana Jazz Festival. Though you are alone or with friends, Havana Jazz festival will unleash the party animal in you. This international festival is truly unstoppable, started in the year 1981, celebrated until now not just by the locals but with the jazz lovers from all over the world.

What’s so exciting about this is that, the country not just celebrates the festival at a certain venue, this festival is being celebrated all throughout the city, so the choice is yours of which place to hang out. Find the best place and the best trip for you and your friends! See the most well-known jazz performers of the country and abroad.

The festival is such a promising event that will never disappoint you and the talent showcase performers are capable of showing off in spite of the fact that this is one of the most crowded festival ever celebrated annually in the country. No matter what it is, a solo, orchestra, bands, and dances will make your everything worthwhile in the country of Cuba.