A lot of establishment and home owners prefer to have concrete floors for their establishments or buildings. There are several reasons why but the main reasons are because of its durability which means it will last longer compared to other types of flooring. The second reason is because it does need a lot maintenance.

So if you are thinking of having concrete floors for your home or for your building, then there are things that you need to consider especially in the proper maintenance of the concrete floors.

As mentioned earlier, it is not difficult to maintain concrete floors. However, there are instances that it needs some cleaning. For example, if there are any spills on it, it must be wiped right away so that accidents will be avoided. Moreover, it is also important to be swept in case there are any debris that are present. Debris can actually scratch the flooring and generally it does not look good since it will looked scratched. Sweeping or dusting is also another way of maintaining the floors.

Using a dust mop is the most common way of cleaning it. A lot of floor experts suggest that the usage of microfiber dust is highly recommended. Some of these experts would rather choose cotton in cleaning their concrete floors. However, if these items are not available the usage of any broom is possible or even a soft-bristled one will do. After sweeping, it is highly suggested to do damp mopping which means, the mop that will be used is slightly wet. The main reason why damp mopping is recommended because it can take away the dust and other debris that were not swept away. However, when you mop your floor, it is not recommended to use any acidic or basic solution because this can destroy your concrete floors. It is best to use warm water and a mild detergent so that the concrete floor will still be maintained. Then you may start scrubbing those floors by using a fully wet mop. Afterwards, clean it again with damp mop to take away the residue that has been left behind.

concrete floors

As time goes by, the polishing concrete will soon lose its shiny characteristic so it is best to have it back. You may have it polished with the use of a machine or a high speed burnishing. It will surely regain its mirror like shine in just a short period of time.

To sum everything up, a lot of people choose to have concrete floors because of its two important characteristics which are the durability and the low maintenance. If owners want their concrete floors to last for a longer time, it is important that they know the proper maintenance for it. Always bear in mind that if there are any spills, always wipe them up right away. Then, it is best to put a mat or carpet on the entrance of doors especially if there are so many people coming in and out of the place. In addition, maintenance should be everyday by sweeping and damp mopping. After several months you may repolish your floor.