The elevators in your residential and commercial establishments need to be handled with care. If you use them harshly, they tend to break down soon, resulting in unnecessary expenses for you. Repairing a broken lift tends to get very costly; therefore you should ensure that your elevators are maintained very well. If you are unsure about the steps involved in this process, read on to know more about the same.

 Being proactive

Irrespective of the fact whether you are the owner of an elevator company or one among the common public using elevators,  you must follow one of the basic and most primary tips for elevator improvements – being proactive. In the event of a slight difference in the normal operations, hearing of any strange sound, however slight it may be, or any other peculiar problem, you should be proactive and flag it immediately. This will not only help in detecting the problems at their initial stages itself, but would also result in huge cost savings for you later on.

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 Keep track of incidents that require corrective maintenance

You can always learn quickly from a harsh lesson. Similarly, when your lift breaks down too often, it will help you realise the importance of preventive maintenance. Have a check on your lift and maintain a tab as to how many times it faces problems, what kinds of problems it faces frequently etc. When you correct the problem area first, you can then concentrate fully on maintenance activities on a regular basis. Click here to find out detailed information on lift maintenance and much more.

 Daily checks

It is worth spending half an hour to check your elevators every day. Check if the lights, fans, emergency alarm buttons, emergency phones and other buttons are functioning properly. Also check if the doors are closing and opening smoothly. Even if there seems to be a slight tightness in the lift doors, you have to immediately correct the same by applying enough grease. If you leave it unattended, a few days later, this problem would assume great proportions and pose a bigger threat to you.

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 Follow rules with respect to the capacity of lifts

One of the most common reasons for lifts breaking down easily is because it gets overloaded either through passengers or through goods. Always ensure that you never cross the maximum weight capacity of your elevator. When you do so, you are unnecessarily putting pressure on your lifts and cause wear and tear of the parts. All professional elevator companies would agree that the best maintenance tip for elevators is  to follow the rules. Every elevator – residential or commercial, will have its weight limitations. Crossing this limit will turn to be hazardous for your elevators and a costly exercise for you to get these set right.